Just rambling

I’m feeling kind of down, so I might as well post, right?

Victaurya, my poor underplayed rogue, has been so short on inventory space that I decided it was high time she got a fifth inventory slot. I got her out this afternoon and realized she still needed a bit more Coin Lords favor to get there, plus there were a couple of Korthos quests she didn’t have on elite yet. I trotted her off to House K to pick up a couple of pocket clerics and turned her loose on the dungeons.

She’s my original toon (Even came along a bit later) and although I’m pretty sick of Korthos by now, I’d forgotten that Victaurya is actually pretty fun to play. She whizzed through the four Korthos quests she still needed on elite and two Harbor quests on one hireling, then did a few more quests until she passed the 150-favor mark with the Coin Lords. For a toon with only 50-55 HP depending on what she has equipped, she can kick some arse when she wants to.

I signed Even on after that because Victaurya didn’t have enough plat for a collapsed portable hole. The prices on the AH are beyond ridiculous (says the person who shelled out more than 110K for a scroll last night…), but thanks to the trade channel I got the hole from a guildmate for a much more reasonable price.

Unfortunately then the night went downhill. Long story, a few weeks ago I made a mistake that hurt someone very dear to me who now wants nothing to do with me, and I can’t seem to find any way to make it up. I was going to do some Medusa chain farming with Even but got depressed and weepy and ended up just logging off for the night.


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