In the swim of things

Even spent another night enjoying – well, MOSTLY enjoying – Gianthold. Tonight two of my former Emerald Dragons guildies and I attempted The Crucible. WOW. This is NOT a quest I’m ever gonna try to solo.

We went in on normal and did fairly well until the long underwater part. That NEARLY wiped us; at one point we were all dead except two hirelings. As luck would have it, another friend of mine was looking for something to do and happened to send me a tell just at that moment asking if we had room in the party. We managed to be mostly resurrected and healed up by the time he got there, and the rest of the quest progressed – well, swimmingly, although after going through all that for just ONE of the three horns, the end fight was definitely anticlimactic (I think it was over within 15 seconds, if that).

Having a swim skill of 6 is a real hindrance in that quest, although once we’d gotten the Horn of Endurance, we realized that only one person really needed to make the swim. Still, despite the deaths, it was fun, and I found out that while I can’t rez or heal underwater, hirelings can, and I can use my Unyielding Sovereignty as well.

Something else I just found out is that an ingredient bag will hold a rogue’s trap parts. My poor level 5 rogue is seriously short on space, so I sent some of Even’s platinum to her so she could go to Empty Handed and pick up a bag. I may do some favor questing with her over the next few days; she’s just a bit shy of getting enough Coin Lords favor to get a fifth inventory slot once I get her a collapsed portable hole.

Even won the auction she was waiting on! Her new Scroll of the Vambraces of Inner Light took a serious chunk out of her available plat, but those things are hard to find. Now she needs the seal and the shard – well, and seven more ranks to get to level 20 – to upgrade her vambraces to epic.


5 thoughts on “In the swim of things

  1. ComicRelief

    You did remmeber to pick-up your free, small ingredient bag from “The Twelve” enclave, right?

    Why they don’t just have Mari Mosshand give you one with the other two, I don’t know.

    Maybe they just want to give our toons some exercise? 😉


  2. Evennote


    No, I don’t look like Homer Simpson, but I didn’t know you could get a free ingredient bag… oh well, there’s 8,500-ish plat I could have saved. LOL


  3. ComicRelief

    LOL – s’ok. I didn’t know for several MONTHS myself. I finally saw something about an ingredients bag on DDOWiki, and found on there where to go to get a free one.

    Fortuenaly, I was running Ftr and Rgr, so didn’t really NEED one that badly. Still, it does come in handy. 😉


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