You make me feel like dancing

Someday I need to invest in machinima software so I can get decent video clips from DDO.

Some good friends and former guild mates treated me to another Gianthold pass tonight, and another friend, a wizard, joined us for a few quests. I’ve never played a wizard but I’ve been thinking of making a disposable one to mess around with and learn the character because those spells are seriously cool. Up until tonight, the spells I most wished I had were things like firewall, blade barrier, sleet storm, finger of death – you know, the rawkin’ damage-type spells.

And then I got to see troupes of trolls merrily pirouetting in Otto’s Irresistible Dance.

Honestly, they looked like they were having so much fun, I felt bad about killing them… well, until the enchantment wore off and they started whaling on me.

Giants look pretty cool dancing too. So do the gnoll things (I forget exactly what they were called). And minotaurs! I got so sick of minotaurs from farming Frame Work, ANYTHING that makes them look silly is just fine with me. Seriously. Best. Spell. EVER.

Unfortunately my keyboard has been acting up lately and right now it won’t even let me get a screenshot from DDO, let alone video. Which sucks, because I’d love to include at least some still images with my posts. I could use PrtScn and paste the image into Photoshop and save it, but maybe another time – I’m wavering between wanting to go to bed (it’s about 3 am here) and trying to stay awake to see if I win an auction that I really, REALLY want. Besides, that method is way too time-consuming when you’re in a quest.


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