Please don’t feed the bears

I’m still surprised by how many people in this game seem to have no shame in asking total strangers for free stuff. I’ve even taken abuse from a few of them when I refused to give them what they were asking for. Come on, you go running up to someone you’ve never spoken to before, send them a tell saying, “hey can i have 10k plat,” and then call them names when they say no?

On the other hand, I’ve been lucky enough to have some truly generous people help me out (WITHOUT my asking them). I was in a group the other night and we were talking about gear and upgrading, and I mentioned that as soon as I’m P2P (still waiting for my darn credit card to arrive in the mail!), I’ll be farming Attack on Stormreach for the marks I need to upgrade my Blade of Fury to a Vampiric Blade of Fury. I signed on the next night and traded some plat for a Gianthold pass (after hearing about people selling passes for 100K or more, I was lucky to get a VERY nice person who charged me MUCH less, and who’s turned out to be a great questmate as well) to hang out with some of my old Emerald Dragons guildmates. We got done and were at the general vendor to sell and repair, and one of my questmates from the night before came over and handed me a Vampiric Fury Blade and refused to take anything for it.

Because of that, I was really torn just a few minutes later when a total stranger sent me a tell and asked for 3K plat to repair his items. Even’s been there, not having enough money to repair, and when that happened I went and farmed low-level quests and vendored stuff until I got her built back up. It wasn’t quick and it wasn’t fun, but at least I wasn’t going around begging.

So when the guy first asked, I politely told him no and suggested he earn it. Then I started thinking of my new Vampiric Fury Blade, and of getting an incredible bargain on the Gianthold pass, and felt like it wasn’t right of me to say no when people had been so generous to me. I gave him his 3K, but also told him that when he could afford it, to please pay it forward and help out someone else who needed it.

I’d still rather not help out anyone who goes around begging, but DDO is a better place when EVERYBODY can get what they need to enjoy it.


4 thoughts on “Please don’t feed the bears

  1. raladnahs

    Had a guildmate some time ago, she was running a wizard and was broke, always. I gave her 10K plat, I bought her inscription materials, scrolls, components. Figured that would make her happy for a while. 1/2 an hour later she came looking for more.

    Unfortunately begging does not seem to be limited to strangers, it can be done by friends and guildmates…well, former guildmates, as well.

    I love to help people out, I prefer to have people like me rather than hate me, but I am not an ATM machine. I was once dirt poor as well, but I never once asked for a single piece of copper from anyone, I just went out and killed some things 🙂


  2. James

    Did you know you get plat back when you take random loot apart in cannith crafting? Sorta like a slot machine. Insert vendor trash, ding get mats and cash


  3. lrdslvrhnd

    Kind of funny that we were talking about random begs the other night and this came up as a suggested post from your Jack Jibbers post… I figured it was about your terrible slaughter of ursines in your quest for a pet!


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