“Amazing, Evennote…”

I couldn’t sleep, so I embarked on Even’s Massive Collectable Turning-In Run earlier tonight.

Two hours and nearly 40 trips to vendors (to empty her overflowing backpack) later, her huge collectables bag is nearly empty, she’s well-stocked on some of my favorite potions, and she’s a bit over 22,000 plat richer.

If you want to make money on collectables, the stuff you turn in to the Lordsmarch Plaza collectors is the way to go. Besides giving you stuff that’s worth quite a bit, they also give cash.

Unfortunately Even overwhelmed a couple of the others…

Goldscuttle: “You gives Goldscuttle too much, can’t carry all at once! Me sort through it before you give me more, understand?”
(This happened six or seven times.)

Davyd Turner: “Davyd Turner: I thank you for all these artifacts, Human, but you’ve given me quite a few. Let me sort them for a moment.”
(Poor Davyd had to sort twice.)

Demodris Meele: “Amazing, Evennote… your pack is practically overflowing with useful material. As such I must organize what you’ve given me… please wait a moment.”

Verisgante: “The figure holds up a hand and shakes his head, then takes a moment to sort through everything before trading again.”

Even lucked out on the DDO lottery for the first time tonight. She won the Fast Forward Lottery and got five haste potions!


2 thoughts on ““Amazing, Evennote…”

  1. Mizzaroo

    Very nice =] Wish I could win a good lottery. The only one Ive ever won is the close friends one or whatever its called. *Waves Hand* You will give me those potions…


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