A few of my favorite things

Ever since Even got to about level 4, she’s had issues with running out of inventory space. But she has so much cool stuff, I don’t know what to get rid of!

Update 9 looming is really making me leery of vendoring or auctioning anything good in case it turns out that I can make something really cool out of it down the road at some point. The trouble is, even with five inventory and three bank slots, Even is still running into the “All inventory slots full” when looting sometimes.

I try to keep her inventory as organized as possible so it’s easy to spot the stuff she can get rid of. Her first inventory tab is weapons, quivers, armor and a few pieces of equipment she uses often. The second one is for necklaces and rings, some other gear that gets fairly regular use, and spell components. Then she’s got a whole tab full of nothing but healing stuff (potions and wands), potions of wonder and mnemonics; in fact it’s spilling over a bit into the fourth tab (assorted potions and wands), which has a few open spaces (the first three are full). The last tab has her storage bags and hirelings.

Her bank isn’t quite that organized; I keep her dragonshards and fragments in there to keep her load light, along with bound-to-account stuff I’m saving for my other toons as soon as I upgrade and get a shared bank. There are a couple of special armors and weapons in there that she doesn’t use very often but are invaluable for a few particular quests, along with a bunch of stuff to make an icy burst kit. There’s a fair amount of other crafting stuff as well – assorted soul gems, adamantine ore, stuff like that. And because I’m somewhat sentimental even about virtual stuff, there’s some gear that Even will probably never use again but that I hate to get rid of because it was a gift from a friend.

Out of everything in her inventory, weapons are probably where I could do the most paring. I haven’t bound her Bloody Cleaver yet and I know that would probably get a decent price if I sold or auctioned it, but it’s a COOL weapon. Her Blade of Fury (which is going to be a Vampiric Fury Blade as soon as I get her grubby little hands on a Mark of Sheshka) is by far my favorite weapon for her, but she still gets enough use out of the others that I really don’t want to get rid of them.

The very first time Even ever ran Diplomatic Immunity, she got a Shield of Reflecting. At the time every weapon she had was two-handed except her Muckbane, and the shield was bound so I couldn’t auction it, so I vendored it. The next night she got the Rocksplitter and I mentally kicked myself several times for not hanging on to the shield. It took me many, many, MANY more Medusa Chain runs, but the other night I finally got another one. I felt bad because someone else in my party had been hoping for it as well, but I’d been waiting for it too long to give it up (plus I’ve given away so many Katra’s Wit and Blades of Fury and a couple Rocksplitters that I figured my sharing karma wouldn’t take a hit).

Even has two more shields, one with deathblock and one with spell resistance), and she’s added a few more one-handed weapons to her arsenal. I wish there were some way to combine the qualities of some of them – having a deathblock shield of spell resistance, maybe, or merging her holy burst rapier of pure good with her seeker mace of lawful outsider bane.

I spent some time again tonight looking over her inventory to see if there was anything that could be pared down, and I didn’t have much luck. Even her armor – her Cavalry Plate (totally worth all the Crystal Cove runs) is her go-to armor, but the Gorgon Armor gets a lot of use as well. She picked up Crimson Chain last night and, while she probably won’t use it much just yet, she’s got Vambraces of Inner Light waiting to be upgraded to Epic when she gets to level 20 (and when she collects all the necessary components).

Looks like she’s stuck being the DDO version of a hoarder for a while. My cleric and bard, although I don’t play them nearly as much, seem to be following in her footsteps – I’ve had to shell out to get each of them a collapsed portable hole – while my rogue doesn’t have enough favor with the Coin Lords yet to get a fifth slot, but is already scrimping for space what with trap parts and thieves’ tools.

One thing that really helped clean up Even’s inventory was shelling out the DDO points for a huge collectables bag. I resolved that I wasn’t going to turn anything in until the bag got to 25 pounds (I have another bag in the bank where I keep the rare stuff – Silver Flame hymnals and fragrant drowshoods, etc., along with festival coins and such), and then I was going to set aside some time and go on a MAJOR turning-in run. Twenty-five pounds is a LOT of collectables; most of them weigh .01 pound, so you need 2,500 for 25 pounds. Well, this afternoon I checked and realized the bag was at 24.69 pounds. Patience isn’t my strong point, so I headed for Kobold Assault figuring I’d get close to that from the treasure bags. I ended up four short, but a quick run through the Red Fens wilderness fixed that. Guess now you know what I’ll be doing tomorrow! Goldscuttle should be REAL happy to see me.


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