Just for the fun of it

I’m Evennote – call me Even – and as long as I get a free blog from the nice folks at DDO, I might as well use it, right?

Even is my favorite of the four characters I have on Thelanis, and she’s a level 17 (at least as of this writing) paladin with lofty plans for true reincarnate when she gets to level 20. I’m still F2P although that should be changing hopefully within a week or two, at which time I really really REALLY want to FINALLY do Chronoscope. Even’s done every F2P quest at least once and is running out of stuff she can solo; I think she’s got every free quest up through level 12 on elite. If you need an intimi-tank for higher-level free quests, look her up!

Soooo anyway, there’s nothing like a blog to share random thoughts. I lucked out earlier tonight playing Even and hooked up with some GREAT people in pick-up groups. I usually only run one or two quests a night; tonight I was having such a good time I think I ran four or five. Unfortunately it doesn’t always happen that way. Any time you get a full party of mostly strangers together, there’s a good chance you’re going to get a moron in the bunch.

Like a few weeks ago, when I had an LFM for Faithful Departed on hard and SPECIFICALLY said “no zerging” in the post. First guy who joins went tearing into the quest on elite, didn’t wait for me or the other people who subsequently joined; he was already through the first couple of mob areas before the rest of us even got inside.

Or the guy two nights ago who got all bent out of shape because I was buffing myself – MYSELF – before the entire party had entered. Paladins don’t have great group buffs. I’d love to share the individual buffs I have with my group members, but in a full group I’d run out of spell points. But this guy apparently thought I should wait until the whole group was in and then buff everybody. Long story short, he mouthed off about that and some other stuff, told the group leader to “stuff it,” and ended up releasing and leaving the party (we cheered).

I figure these are the kind of people who will ALWAYS be noobs no matter how long they play the game. I don’t get why so many experienced players sneer at new people asking questions. I’ve been playing DDO for about four months and there’s still more stuff I DON’T know. The ones who make me sneer – or at least squelch – are the ones who are ALWAYS going to be noobs. You know the ones…

“hay y dont u ppl join my gild wuts rong wit u”

“I need 15000 plat, I promise I’ll pay you back Friday”


Sadly, those are all REAL. And let’s not forget the ones who insist on holding their personal convos in general chat, or the ones who would be OK if they could just ask ONCE, but instead repeat the same thing on the same channel three or four times a minute…

“dose any boddy want 2 do kobol assalt on elete????”
“dose any boddy want 2 do kobol assalt on elete????”
“dose any boddy want 2 do kobol assalt on elete????”
“dose any boddy want 2 do kobol assalt on elete????”
“dose any boddy want 2 do kobol assalt on elete????”
“dose any boddy want 2 do kobol assalt on elete????”
“dose any boddy want 2 do kobol assalt on elete????”
“dose any boddy want 2 do kobol assalt on elete????”

But see, as much as they’re a pain in the butt, the great thing about idiots like that is they make you really appreciate when you DO get a good group. Besides racking up some nice XP and pulling in some cool loot tonight, I laughed my arse off. I even got to do my redneck Jedi imitation, the one where Darth Vader, in a twangy accent, says, “Luke, I am your father… and also your uncle.” I found out why you should never, EVER shrine until you’ve used up as many SP as possible (the lives of adorable kittens depend on it!). The groups I was in were so great, we were laughing most of the time even at stuff that wasn’t especially funny. The stars over Eberron must have been aligned just right.

To me, that’s how the game should be played – for fun. Loot and XP are just bonuses; one of the quests I ran tonight was Diplomatic Immunity, and I’ve done that so many times I practically LOSE XP (no, not really lose XP, that’s a joke, but I don’t GAIN any either). Nobody zerged, nobody criticized, nobody got upset if somebody made a mistake, we just went right on talking and laughing and playing.

Sure beat the heck out of reading the noobs in general chat.


4 thoughts on “Just for the fun of it

  1. Ratso33

    Agree completely with the ‘always noobs’ sentiment, as a player new to MMO’s ( being playing DDo since august ) i’m a bit of a noob myself play mainly with friends from RL or solo, so i decline party invites , what annoys me the most is the ‘repeat inviter’
    you wanna join party
    Decline invite
    you wanna join party
    (repeat to fade)

    also was once called a coward for declining a party invite
    can’t work that logic out, for wanting to do missions solo rather than with help i’m a coward ?!?

    great post


  2. Vikkus

    Aye, adventuring should be about having fun first. I would rather have a group of easy going people then an elite group of rude people anyday. 🙂

    Oh, and don’t forget the hundreds of random Guild invites. I must get a few everytime I visit the Harbor.


  3. blametroi

    Amen sister One guy on Khyber sometimes posts LFMs “for the run” which if people understood it might be a good thing, but no one seems to read LFMs, so … what is one to do?


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